Tips to Kickstart Your Company-Wide Security Initiative

Employee learning about how to be more secure while at work handling company data

Keeping your company secure is a constant challenge. From new threats and breaches emerging daily to changing employee behavior, it’s never been harder to stay ahead of the latest threats. There is more chance of being breached in a growing company, and you don’t want to deal with the consequences. The best way to deal with this is to plan. Implementing a company-wide security initiative is the first step of a company’s security plan. Here are some great tips on kickstarting your company’s comprehensive security initiative.

1. Get Clear on the Goal

Every security initiative needs a clearly defined goal. Ask yourself, what do we want to achieve? Do we want to protect the company data or the company’s reputation? Does it matter more to you that your company data is secure or that you don’t get hacked again? Both of these goals may be equally important. In this case, each department in the company needs to have its own security goals and objectives.

2. Understand the Tools You Have and Where to Use Them

Before you invest in a tool, you need to know what type of tool will benefit you more in the long run. In this case, it is essential for each department in the company to have its own security goals and objectives that will help guide them when deciding which tool(s) are best for them. Security is about protecting your data from any possible threat, but it’s also about protecting your company’s reputation.

3. Ensure Security Awareness Training

Starting a company is challenging at the best of times. Running one that is compliant with the latest security standards, using the most secure tools, and abiding by the most stringent regulations is an even larger challenge. Security is almost a daily worry for every company that’s not secure. We’re here to help you tackle the security challenge and kickstart your company-wide security initiative.

4. Train your Workforce

Employees are the most vulnerable and yet the most valuable assets of your company. It is essential to train your employees on what it means to be secure. This will ensure that they understand how to protect their data and be ready to spot a possible threat. It’s essential to get rid of the old-school thinking of IT security, where you were only focused on patching vulnerabilities and installing antivirus software. It is important for your employees to know about phishing and social engineering attacks in these modern times.

5. Encourage Security Awareness

Each department in the company must have its own security goals and objectives to help them decide which tools are best for them. It’s also crucial for each department in the company to have its security awareness training program to understand how threats can affect them individually and collectively.


Implementing a security plan that protects your company data and reputation is the key to staying ahead of the latest threats. It’s time to implement a security plan that safeguards your company and its data.

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