COVID Contact-Tracing App Security: COVID Security Risks

COVID Contact-Tracing App Security: COVID Security Risks

COVID Contact-Tracing App Security: COVID Security Risks

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COVID Contact-Tracing App Security: COVID-19 is still evident across the globe, but the brighter note is that people have developed mobile contact-tracing apps to reduce the chance of further spreading the virus. But the problem is, are these apps safe for your device?

Are My Contact Tracing Apps Secure?

A group of researchers came up with a tool called “COVIDGuardian”, which is capable of detecting threats and assessing your privacy and security on the contact-tracing app. According to cybersecurity experts who tested about 40 of these apps, at least 72% have been found to utilize a cryptographic algorithm and have potential threats like malware.

How Contact Tracing Apps Open You Up to Risk

Embedded trackers are common in these tools as they report significant information to third-party software; however, these components can be responsible for data privacy leakage. Trackers and malware open up many doors for security bugs and attackers to seal the deal. Still, because the pandemic requires the immediate use of mobile contact-tracing tools, we can’t help but use the ones currently available.

Choosing Trustworthy Contact Tracing Apps

That being said, you need to be more aware of the application you install on your smartphone. Developers can utilize COVIDGuardian and other upcoming tools to distinguish potential threats and security issues. This way, such problems can be fixed ahead of time before causing technical damages and data loss. This tool can also help developers who are in the process of creating new contact-tracing apps to discover their weak points and take actions accordingly. Users would feel more secure utilizing the tool, knowing that their sensitive information is in good hands.

What Users Want in Contact Tracing App Security

COVID Guardian’s researchers also ran a survey as a supporting study for the app; the survey involved about 370 participants, who were asked how likely they’ll use a contact-tracing app with the understanding that there may be underlying security and privacy concerns around it. The results showed that the app’s accuracy and privacy security significantly affect a user’s likelihood of utilizing contact-tracing tools. If we want to control the spread of COVID-19 using these apps, there should be available ones that guarantee everyone’s safety in cyberspace.

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