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Managed IT Services Miami and IT Solutions Partner in Miami, FL

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Cybercrime is on the rise, and small businesses are increasingly becoming targets


Complete Customization

We provide one-of-a-kind, tailored solutions that surpass the usual tech to ensure your computer systems are secure. Our skilled cybersecurity experts will collaborate with you to craft the essential hardware, software, monitoring, and security policies to safeguard your business.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

With cybercrime on the upswing, small businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Lacking the necessary tools and knowledge, these vulnerabilities become prime targets for attacks. At ARK Solvers, we specialize in comprehensive cyber security risk assessment services. Our goal is to pinpoint your company's vulnerabilities and implement strategies to fortify your defenses. With our team of seasoned experts dedicated to your security, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is equipped to handle any threats that come its way.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

We're constantly monitoring your systems to ensure that nothing strange is happening. We want to ensure that any unexpected changes, unusual user activities, or suspicious actions don't go unnoticed. With new and complex threats popping up every day, it's important to stay on top of things and look for anything fishy to keep you safe.


360° Network Security

360° Network Security

At our company, we don't just offer the usual tech stuff. We're all about making sure we give you exactly what you need. That means we've got your back if you need help with your cloud security. If you need us to check out your systems to see if they're secure enough, we'll take care of that. We plan to ensure you have a solid wall of protection that's just right for you.

Are You at Cyber Security Risk Assessment Risk?

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What is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (CSRA)?

The process of uprooting all the threats and risks that your IT infrastructure faces is known as a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. With the knowledge that is gained from an assessment of this kind, our experienced team of engineers will be able to put the necessary solutions in place to resolve the threats that your business faces.

Are You at Cyber Security Risk Assessment Risk?

Trusted IT Support Solutions

Plans for Managed IT Services Miami

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24/7 Support

ARK Solvers specializes in managed IT services plans for Miami businesses. Whether you need basic IT support or cyber security, our team of experts is here to help guide you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We protect you against breaches, hackers, and human error, while meeting government regulations and industry standards. Securing an organization’s data and systems is a continually evolving process. You can rest assured that we do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on core business matters.

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Complete Management

Stop worrying about technology issues and gain the focus to rocket your business to the next level of profits and growth. Our strategic approach gives you personalized IT service that creates a simple, hassle-free experience.


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Full Network Protection

Are network slowdowns and malfunctions killing your staff productivity? Are you worried about a costly breach? ARK Solvers optimizes your network and secures your information – reducing its risk of theft.

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Safely Store Information

Our team continuously archives all your critical information so that it is ready to restore at a moment’s notice. Gain peace of mind knowing it is always safe and sound – whether your business is hit by a hurricane or suffers an accidentally broken hard drive.

Managed IT Services Miami

Managed IT Services Miami CAN HELP YOU GROW

Protect Your Critical Info

Protect Your Critical Info

Online threats, natural disasters, and server crashes happen. ARK Solvers’ on-call service ensures they do not break your computer network by bulletproofing the vital data you rely on.

Lower Your Expense

Lower Your Expense

Armed with smarter technology, optimized systems, and the elimination of unnecessary downtime, our current clients enjoy a 37% reduction in their expenditure.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

When your technology is firing on all cylinders and you are utilizing advanced digital platforms, your employees will be able to reach their highest productivity levels yet.

Focus on Your Business

Focus on Your Business

When you no longer must deal with frustrating distractions that slow down your employees, you can reclaim your focus and take the next step towards more profits and growth.



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