Keeping the Culture Alive When Everyone’s Working From Home


While providing excellent service is our greatest endeavor, creating a healthy and productive company culture for our staff is also our top priority. Every year, we ensure that our team is having a great time at work by arranging an array of uplifting events and social gatherings to encourage a positive work environment. But what are the best options to take when the lively work culture is disrupted and halted by current events such as Covid-19? It is hard to keep up with everything that is happening around us, but we do our best to carry on and support the culture that we instill in our team while they work from home. In addition, we maintain our relationship between our clients and partners by using social media platforms to update our community and bring forth positivity to them and look past the challenging situations that we are all experiencing.

The circumstances that we are currently facing are nothing but challenges, but this is not the time to back down. On the contrary, it is the right time to seize the opportunity to address these issues. While we firmly believe that consistency is vital, we also value the ability to be open and flexible despite the ever-changing phases that occur among us. Because our team already had the ability to work from home, we had to build a new foundation for our company culture to keep our employees happy while ensuring the work efficiency and productivity of everyone. Here are a few programs that are scheduled throughout the week.

  1. Monday Morning Goal Sessions: Every Monday, we dedicate our morning for a meeting where everyone shares two goals that they want to accomplish for the week. We discuss the goals internally and collaboratively figure out ways on how to help with each goal.

  2. Morning Team Huddle: Every morning we take the first 30 minutes to discuss any pending issues, local news on Cyber Security, Phishing Emails and Technology advances. We also take the time to make sure our staff is pumped for the work week.

  3. Facetime Fridays: All team members would gather for a Zoom video call for our morning huddle. In this routine, we prove that connection plays a significant role in building camaraderie among one another to achieve success.

  4. Employee Meet Ups: We try to find hidden gems in our Miami community where we can meetup. One of our favorites is Ice Cream Heaven in the city of Mami Gardens, a local ice cream shop, and chatted while keeping our social distance. Additionally, we have come to acknowledge that the people behind our team are our most significant asset.

So, how do you define your purpose as a company? Aside from catering to your client’s business inquiries, what do you stand for?

For us at ARK Solvers Cyber Security and IT Services, not only do we take pride in offering state-of-the-art IT Managed Services in industries such as Property Management, Medical, CPA, Developers and Law Firms. We also value the bigger picture that lies in front of us: our community. How do we help and support the community we are in? We’ve partnered with The Mavuno Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness on Human Trafficking to host events and programs that focus on empowerment and educating the community. We collaborated in arranging community drives in Hollywood Fl, Miami Gardens, Downtown Miami and other Miami communities to distribute basic necessities like food and hygiene kits. Several projects are yet to be done, and we are just getting started.

There has never been a better time than now to figure out what that means to you and your business.

By: CEO, Reginald Andre

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