Enhance Productivity with Advanced Audio Transcription Tools

Enhance Productivity with Advanced Audio Transcription Tools

Enhance Productivity with Advanced Audio Transcription Tools

Audio Transcription Tools: If you are someone that is behind the computer all day typing on Word documents and Outlook emails, I have great news for you! Microsoft has just launched an audio to text feature called transcribe. It works the same way when you speak to your phone (using Siri or Google Assistant) when responding to a text message that it types for you. Backed by artificial intelligence, this new addition allows you to transcribe audio records in real-time and with great accuracy.

Microsoft Word already had useful tools for transcriptionists in the past, but this new feature unlocks improved software functions that you might find more convenient to use. Below are some of the benefits that come with the new Transcribe.

Best Audio Transcription Tools-

Spell Check

Not only can this feature track down written misspelled words, but it can now also edit and correct a specific set of words instantly; this saves more time when it comes to going over and revising the result of the transcription.

Grammar Check

The Grammar Check works the same way as the Spell Check. This feature can accurately distinguish potential grammatical errors and write-up issues. The user can also command the program to look for a certain error factor, proving the adaptability that the Grammar Check can deliver.

Text Expanders

This feature is quite comparable with your smartphone’s auto-correct function, but this provides small differences. You can assign codes for certain words and phrases so that you only need to type your codes, and Word will do the job of putting your words together.


This feature allows you to upload an existing audio recording to be transcribed to text. If you are in a meeting and need It also allows you to detect if different people are speaking during a conversation and it will time stamp and recognize when different people are speaking.

With these features simultaneously working together, there is no doubt that transcription works are easier and faster to deal with.

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