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Industry News2021-03-10T09:26:42-05:00

How Ransomware Affects Small Businesses

Whether you already own a small business or you're just dipping your toes in the industry, cybersecurity is probably the least of your problems – this is the main reason why you're the biggest target for network threats. Ransomware attacks are much more rampant in small businesses, taking all your ...

May 6, 2021|

Why Construction Firms Need IT

Even before, the businesses in the construction industry have been the hot targets for crimes like theft and vandalism. And now that building contractors have been leaning on technology for its incredible advantages, the risk of experiencing cyber-attacks continuously increases. The unavoidable cyber threat encounters are why construction firms need ...

April 29, 2021|

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Businesses

Introduction Ransomware is a common cyber attack that mostly threatens businesses that are establishing their online presence. While hackers tend to target more significant organizations like hospitals and government-run systems, they now focus more on businesses because of the new online trend we’re all riding. Ransomware might be a sly ...

April 15, 2021|

Reasons Building Contractors Need Digital Safety

Introduction In the industry, construction businesses have always been a hot target for thefts and other sneaky crimes. Now that most firms are gearing more towards using online platforms to accept queries and store crucial information, new threats are introduced to their business. Cyberspace might be a great way to ...

April 1, 2021|

How Do Building Contractors Use I.T. Providers

Technology has been on the rise for the past years, and it’s no doubt that business owners, including building contractors, have incorporated it to improve their firms. Because businesses have been relying more on computer-based records, it’s essential to have a stable network. While it may seem that ensuring your ...

March 18, 2021|

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