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Industry News2021-03-10T09:26:42-05:00

Ransomware Groups Have New Tactics

Every year, organizations are threatened by countless online threats for all kinds of motives. From hacking into the system to stealing information, hackers will always find a way to benefit from their illegal operations. What better way to execute an online crime than a ransomware attack? This type of threat ...

September 3, 2021|

Phishing Attacks In The Medical and Health Industry

Online attacks have been rampant, specifically in the recent years of 2019 up until now. Big business firms have been one of the prime targets by hackers, including the vast field of the healthcare industry.While it seems that the medical sector is fully capable of protecting its systems, they’re the ...

August 27, 2021|

Windows 10 and It’s Vulnerability on Online Attacks

Did you know that the majority of laptop and computer users utilize the Windows OS? According to statistics, in 2021, about 72.98% are Windows users. Approximately 15.56% uses macOS, 2.68% uses Linux, 1.51% utilizes Chrome OS, and 5.94% uses other or unknown desktop operating systems. That being said, many Windows users ...

August 19, 2021|

The Ransomware Vaccine Breakthrough

Ransomware attacks have been raging for the past few years, and there’s no sign that these perpetrators are stopping anytime soon. Ransomware hackers excuse no one, from well-known companies with big names to small-scale businesses that are just getting started. The good news is, technology experts have found a way ...

August 16, 2021|

The Dangers of a Misconfigured Database for Medical Facilities

We all know by now how technology has helped us make complicated things a bit simpler. One of the fields that benefit the most from this advancement is healthcare. Hospitals and clinics started out with manual and written logs as their conventional way of recording patient information and keeping track ...

July 23, 2021|

The Importance of a Password AP

Did you know that a significant amount of cyberattacks are caused by system breaches via passwords? Even the largest corporations fall victim to hackers because of poor password choices that can easily grant attackers access to files and systems. What’s our recommendation to solve this problem? Talk to your managed ...

July 16, 2021|

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