Computer License: Top 10 Things Every Business Should Know

Computer License: Top 10 Things Every Business Should Know

Computer License: Top 10 Things Every Business Should Know

Imagine if you needed a special computer license to use a computer in order to open and run your business.

Here are the top 10 things you would need to know!

1.     IT serves as a strategic approach for your business; it shouldn’t come as a second thought when issues start happening.

2.     Certify that whoever services your computers, is not just a computer guy, but a Professional IT & Cyber Security Expert.

3.     Ensure that important data is backed up on a daily basis using cloud AND external storage.

4.     Always make sure your Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam and Malware Protection programs are up-to-date and active.

5.     When exercising BYOD or Bring Your Own Device tasks, make sure that your device is safe and your IT team knows about it.

6.     Avoid storing sensitive business data on personal computers and devices.

7.     Create Social Media and IT policies and implement them in your workplace; all employees should sign them beforehand. This should include what websites they are not allowed to go to.

8.     Secure personal information and data from your lost phones or laptops against thefts and attackers.

9.     Always take a record of the history and development of your IT setup.

10. Know your computer administrator, server, router, and other important passwords. Don’t rely on IT to hold it for you!

Although this article was titled with a little humor, this is no laughing matter. Technology can make or break your business, and if used correctly, it can help streamline, scale, and maximize your profits. And if you have the wrong IT Support Company servicing your business, it can lead to a loss of revenue, frustrations, and a growth spurt.

Let ARK Solvers Cyber Security & IT Support manage your IT so you can focus on your business.

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