Making Cybersecurity a Core Priority for Your Business

Making Cybersecurity a Core Priority for Your Business

Making Cybersecurity a Core Priority for Your Business

Cybersecurity a Core Priority: Most businesses brag about their powerful cybersecurity defenses, but how many can honestly admit that they are as protected as they claim to be? Marsh Insurance Brokers conducted a survey involving 1,300 executives and learned that only 30% felt insecure about their company’s ability to fend off hackers. So allow us to ask you this: Are you sure your business is ready to survive the wrath of these digital criminal masterminds? Determine why you should back up your cybersecurity claims with legitimate protocols.

At a minimum, your job could be at risk

Take, for instance, the massive Equifax breach in 2017 where top execs resigned from their position because of the mounting pressure. One thing is certain when it comes to data breaches these days: Top officials will be under so much stress that their jobs will be at risk. We know this sobering reality sounds alarming, but it should motivate you to some sort of self-preservation.

Whether you experience it first-hand or hear about staggering incidents on the news, never let this opportunity go to waste. There are plenty of case studies, lessons learned, and pearls of wisdom from our specialists here at ARK Solvers that can either help your business overcome the breach or make it more secure. And once you do implement a new cybersecurity protocol, make sure the changes start from you — the leader.

Your business is at stake, not just your technology

More often than not, IT is just a compliance checkbox for businesses. Most business owners simply set up a firewall, patch management program, security information, event management (SIEM), and more, assuming everything will be taken care of. What they tend to forget is maintenance, which is also an important part of the process. The best tools and programs in the business would be useless if no one ever checked the systems or the alerts they generated.

The best way to look at this is to realize that your business cannot function properly without seamless technology. You take advantage of it every day, yet you take it for granted. This is why you must always check up on your systems and their security to keep your business secure.

Your workforce can unknowingly act as a threat

Your employees might be the reason why your business is successfully up and running, but they can also be your downfall. Most of your team are probably not technically inclined and are unaware of the different cybercrime schemes, which is why you must focus on them before addressing the technical side of cybersecurity. Your priority list should look similar to this:

  1. Establish a cybersecurity policy and notify every department about it
  2. Together with your team, outline possible assets that cyber criminals might be after
  3. Leverage the cybersecurity resources you have on hand, including your in-house IT team
  4. Outsource or hire vital expertise that you don’t have internally
  5. Regularly educate and train your teams about cybersecurity protocols, practices, and evolving schemes

That list may not be comprehensive, but it will help you develop a more robust cybersecurity program for your company. Take this small and vital first step to a more secure future.

It’s only a matter of time before your business falls victim to cybercrime, which is why we must accept the fact that ignoring cybersecurity is a business issue and not an IT problem. Companies must strive to nurture a culture wherein cybersecurity isn’t just an added business expense or requirement, but a valuable tool to protect their viability and success for years to come. Start running a company without any worries today. Give us a call and we’ll get started by conducting a free assessment of your network systems.

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