Cybersecurity Awareness Tips for Online Safety

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Cybersecurity Awareness Tips for Online Safety

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips Through the past decade, technology has gone further than we can imagine. While the benefits outweigh the negatives, we can’t just turn a blind eye to the growing number of cyberattacks along the way. Hackers worldwide have successfully executed cyberattacks that made companies and business firms lose billions of dollars throughout the years. With the continuous growth of advancements in the tech industry, it won’t be surprising if we experience another life-changing cyberattack.

Hackers are just waiting for the perfect timing to strike now that we’re most vulnerable than ever. To keep you and your devices safe, you must know what you’ll be facing when the next cyberwar happens. Here are the most common forms of cyberattacks:

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips: Hack

Hacking occurs when your security protocols are vulnerable. This form of attack is the reason why you should never use weak passwords, especially on social media platforms. Hackers also target devices that are connected to unsecured networks like public Wi-Fi. If your devices’ antivirus is outdated, you’re also susceptible to attackers who are just waiting to hack your system.

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips: Ransomware

This cybercrime typically holds the biggest financial casualty. Ransomware can dominate a system when one clicks on a suspicious link sent via a phishing email. Once installed, the software will encrypt your system and block you from accessing your files. The attackers will demand payment from you as a ‘ransom’ for your data. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the attackers will give your system back when you pay.

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips: Malware

It’s a type of harmful software that allows attackers and scammers to go through your files on your device and track your activities online. They’re more specifically interested in sensitive information like bank credentials and personal data to steal identities and execute other cybercrimes depending on the harvested data.

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips: Botnets

These are network-connected computers that can be used to perform cyberattacks. Botnets hide in an infected system until they are assigned to execute a task, which usually involves spamming, stealing data, executing DDoS, and giving attackers unauthorized access to devices.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

This type of cyberattack is usually targeted on web pages. The strategy is sending overwhelming traffic to a website, leaving it inaccessible for administrators to check what’s going on and repair the issue right away.

The key to protecting yourself from cyberattacks is becoming aware of the possibility that it could happen to you. Practice proper cyber protocols, level up your security, and you’ll be good to go.

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