6 essential Cybersecurity for Small Business Owners

6 essential Cybersecurity for Small Business Owners

Cybersecurity for Small Business: Protect Your Digital Frontiers

Large enterprises may be highly prized targets for cybercriminals, but that doesn’t mean small businesses have nothing to worry about. According to the report released by Symantec in 2024, 60% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses.

Due to poor security measures and training, Cybersecurity for Small Business often fall prey to all kinds of cyberattacks, from online scams to ransomware attacks. So if you don’t want your company to become another statistic, follow these tips.

Cybersecurity for Small Business Tips:

Use strong passwords

Using common passwords, like your birthday or address, makes it easy for a hacker to hijack your account. That’s why you should set 12-character passwords that combine symbols, numbers, and letters. Don’t make their job easy, so encourage all your team to do the same to protect your entire company.

Lower the number of password attempts allowed

For a hacker to successfully get into your account, they would have to randomly try all possible passwords. Even with a 6-digit PIN that creates a million distinct possibilities, your account will eventually be hacked.

Hackers use a password-cracking software that can figure out your code in a matter of minutes. Minimizing the amount of attempts at every stage of your authentication procedure is just as important as creating a strong password.

Don’t use public WiFi

When at work, you most likely use a password-protected router that encrypts your vital data. But how about outside the office? When you’re in another country or in local cafes, you’ll be tempted to use free public WiFi that’s much faster than your mobile connection. However, this convenience does come with a price: Because it’s most likely unsecured, hackers can easily access your device and retrieve personal information.

To avoid this, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that secures and encrypts your connection by turning your account anonymous, thus keeping your data confidential and safe from hackers.

Utilize on-screen keyboard to key in confidential details

Believe it or not, hackers have the ability to track your keystrokes using a keylogging program, especially when you’re on a shared network. We recommend using an on-screen or virtual keyboard to prevent this sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

Keylogging software doesn’t have the ability to monitor the mouse clicks you use to operate your virtual keyboard. This is why most financial establishments provide on-screen keyboards to enter important details.

Educate your staff regarding cybersecurity

You can have the strongest security system in the world, but it means nothing if your employees constantly fall for online scams or download dangerous files from the internet. Train them, no matter the position, to be cautious of every link, email, or file they see online. Your training sessions should also teach them to recognize the signs of an ongoing attack, oversee frequent examinations that test their IT security knowhow, and explain your regulations regarding use of devices within the company.

Be more cautious about your backups

Even though data backups are crucial to efficient security, mishandling and mismanaging data can still expose you to several risks. Even the most minor oversight can provide easy access to your valuable data. That’s why you must make sure your backups are encrypted, password-protected, and monitored by professionals, before keeping them on a remote server or in the cloud.

With these effective measures, you can prevent possible risks that can damage your organization’s reputation and financial security. At ARK Solvers, we’ll make sure that you’re as protected as those massive enterprises. Leave us a message to know more about our advanced cybersecurity protocols or just drop by our office in Florida if you’re in the neighborhood!

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