Ethical Hacking: Essential for Business Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacking: Essential for Business Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacking: Essential for Business Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacking: The term hacker is often associated with the world of cybercrime. People associate hackers with nefarious deeds, and the word “hacker” can conjure up all sorts of negative images in people’s minds. The world of computer hacking is not as black and white as most people think. There are cases where hackers are referred to as white hats and other instances in which they are called black hats. In this article, we will explore the world of hacking to help you better understand the world of ethical hacking vs. malicious hacking.

White Hat VS Black Hat Hacking

White hat hacking, also known as ethical hacking, is the practice of using programming skills to test a network or computer system’s security to determine what security measures need to be taken to improve the overall security of networks and systems that use the network.

On the other hand, a black hat hacker uses their programming skills for malicious purposes. A black hat hacker will use their knowledge of security holes and exploits for personal gain, causing problems like identity theft or financial loss for innocent people.

The Need For Ethical Hacking In Businesses

Every day, new computer vulnerabilities come to light. Hackers find new ways to take advantage of computer systems and security software weaknesses. For a business to stay protected, it needs to have ethical hackers test its systems for security breaches, in the form of Cybersecurity Risk Assessments. A business cannot know if its security is adequate unless it knows what potential threats are out there and which ones may be able to breach its system.

Here are a few benefits white hackers can bring to a business:

1. Testing and Discovering Flaws

First and foremost, both white and black hat hackers try to find vulnerabilities in a company’s computer systems. But while a black hat hacker will exploit security flaws to cause harm or steal information, a white hat hacker will work with the company to fix the flaw.

Ethical hackers can identify security weaknesses within a company’s computer system so they can be fixed before they’re exploited.

2. Helping to Prevent Data Breaches

By helping a company test its security systems, white hat hackers can determine which areas need improvement and what can be done to mitigate the risk of data loss or theft if an attack occurs.

3. Preparing for Emergencies

The most important thing ethical hackers can do for any business is to ensure that the company has a plan to deal with computer security breaches. Using tests, white hat hackers can determine what measures must be taken and when.

By running “what-if” scenarios, ethical hackers can set up disaster recovery plans and determine if the business is equipped to respond to a breach in security or attack.

4. Trusted Third-Party Involvement

A business’s computer systems are not always designed to handle or deal with security testing. A business may not have the knowledge, resources, or technical expertise to address some of its computer system flaws. A white hat hacker can test a business’s security system in a way that the company can trust to root out possible weaknesses before they are exploited by malicious hackers that mean to harm your business and IT Infrastructure.

Bottom Line

A business’s computer systems must be kept secure at all times. To ensure this, a company should have ethical hackers test the computer system and provide them with suggestions for how they can improve their security. By working with ethical hackers, businesses can ensure that their systems are safe and protected. To find a company that employs ethical hackers, you will usually be looking for a service provider that offers Cybersecurity Risk assessments, such as ARK Solvers.

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