4 Key Lessons from Hurricane Irma for Businesses

4 Key Lessons from Hurricane Irma for Businesses

4 Key Lessons from Hurricane Irma for Businesses

Many companies across Florida are still suffering the fallout of Hurricane Irma back in September. Those with inadequate disaster response and business continuity plans have even had to close their doors for good. Being prepared for the worst is something that every organization should think about, and now is a good time to learn some important lessons from recent months.

#1. Reduce Dependence on In-house Resources

Most businesses still operate out of a single centralized location, even if they have a largely mobile workforce. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you should never fully depend on a single workplace. After all, it’s one thing having your primary base of operations rendered inoperable, but it’s quite another to lose all your computing resources and data as well.

Almost every business owner in Florida understands the importance of maintaining off-site backups of their apps and data. However, it can take a long time to restore such systems. That’s why it makes so much sense to move your IT operations over to the cloud, where all your apps and data will be safely housed in multiple secure data centers. That way, you can also access your business resources anywhere.

#2. Have Spare Laptops for Key Employees

Traditionally, the typical office job meant being chained to a desk during the whole working day. That also meant employees had nowhere to work when their workplace was rendered inoperable. After Irma, many office facilities were destroyed or severely damaged, while others were left without power or internet. Those companies’ employees had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

If your company’s resources are hosted in the cloud, then your employees will be able to access them from anywhere. However, for security reasons, you probably won’t want them using their own devices. That’s why it’s always better to have a spare fleet of laptops for key employees so that they can work from home or even in coffee shops until your regular workplace is operational again.

#3. Implement a Hosted VoIP Solution

Modern businesses are enormously reliant on their ability to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, and partners. Even a single day of internet outage can translate into thousands of dollars of lost sales and damage to your reputation. While most people were relatively understanding following a disaster like Hurricane Irma, that’s no reason to slack when it comes to keeping your customers updated.

By implementing a hosted VoIP solution, you no longer need to rely on landlines. With a cloud phone system, incoming calls will be rerouted to employees’ mobile phone so that your business can continue operations even if your landline is out of action for several weeks.

#4. Set Up a Redundant Internet Connection

Most modern businesses simply can’t function without the internet, and this is doubly true of those using cloud-based services for their everyday operations. A backup internet connection may be activated automatically when your primary connection fails. These redundant systems typically use the cellphone network, so they’re not dependent on the telephone lines or fiber-optic cables leading to your workplace.

Learn from Hurricane Irma Small business

While fixed-line internet is great for everyday use owing to its high speeds, lack of data limits, and reliability, relying on one connection alone is a bit like trying to run your business without an insurance policy. Implementing a backup connection costs very little, and it will help you mitigate unforeseen problems. Some systems even allow your employees to create wireless hotspots using their mobile phones, allowing them to access your secure corporate network while on the move.

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