Managed Service Provider Benefits: Save Time & Money

Managed Service Provider Benefits: Save Time & Money | ARK Blog

Managed Service Provider Benefits: Save Time & Money

To run a successful modern business, you need to make IT a focal point. That’s not to suggest your company has to be computer or IT-related, but it does mean you need to have an IT plan and support system in place to reach your business’s full potential. One Deloitte study showed that businesses in more advanced stages of digitization gained around five times more international customers than less tech-savvy companies.

But the impact of technology is high even for local companies—businesses across the board were, on average, twice as profitable and three times more likely to grow their revenue when they utilized technology at higher levels. The digital landscape is vitally important in modern business, so you need to make sure you have the technology and IT support to help your company succeed. 

Working with a Managed Service Provider is the best way to make sure you have the right technology for your business installed and maintained. Here’s what a Managed Service Provider can do to improve your business.

What Does a Managed Service Provider Do?

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, provides comprehensive services for your company’s technology. They will work closely with a business in order to create and implement a personalized IT plan that is tailored to its exact needs. An MSP provides constant, proactive care for you and your IT, as opposed to the outdated methods of a break/fix IT provider, who generally shows up only when something needs to be fixed.

An MSP will be on hand to offer IT support in case you run into problems, and they will continually help you improve and optimize your IT, proactively updating it as technology and resources change. This option for outsourcing IT services provides constant care to one of your company’s most valuable resources.

Saving You Time

Productivity is key in business. And when your technology is slow or unreliable, productivity plummets. An MSP can help you choose the hardware and software that best fits your company’s needs and will perform at optimal levels, saving you the frustration of working with programs that don’t fulfill your needs.

The best MSPs will also provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems to immediately catch potential problems and be on hand for support in case you have a question. This will help prevent downtime that can come from networks being overrun with more traffic than they can handle or from cyber attacks.

Another cause of frustration and wasted time is data loss. Natural disasters, equipment failures, human error, and cyber attacks can all be responsible for lost data. Some data is completely irreplaceable, while other information takes weeks or months to duplicate. But a Managed Service Provider will both securely back up your data and help you with data recovery in the case of an emergency, saving you innumerable hours of wasted time.

Saving You Money

Working with the right MSP will not only boost productivity, but it can save you money, too. There is a set monthly price for access to all of the managed services offered by an MSP. So you won’t be surprised with a hefty bill after repairs are made; you’ll know what you’re paying up front.

The cost of a Managed Service Provider is usually around the cost of one full-time in-house employee, but with that cost you get access to the experience and expertise of a full staff of IT experts. This makes working with an MSP a great alternative for companies who can’t hire a fully staffed IT department but want the experience of one without additional overhead costs.

And More!

When you work with a Managed Service Provider, you not only save time and money, but you also gain peace of mind. Your MSP will manage the technology that makes up your business so that you can focus on the other aspects of your work. They can help you with compliance to regulations, including HIPAA and PCI, so you don’t have to stress. And they will make sure your cybersecurity is in top condition so you don’t need to worry about costly data breaches.

When you compare the benefits of an MSP to other IT options, there’s no competition: Working with a Managed Service Provider is the best solution for your business. And when you work with ARK Solvers, we’re confident that you’ll agree. Contact us today to start getting the IT care you need to help your business grow.

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