Optimize Software Asset management for Better Efficiency

Optimize Software Asset management for Better Efficiency

Optimize Software Asset Management for Better Efficiency

Software Asset Management: Business owners who know how to properly manage software assets not only enjoy massive savings but also make better purchasing decisions and stay up to date with security patches and software licenses.

Those who want to achieve these benefits must incorporate a software asset management policy that guarantees all apps are conveniently documented and classified. Our specialists here at ARK Solvers gathered these tips to help you address this challenge.

List all installed software

Begin by listing all the software your business uses, including their specific service packs, patches, and developers. Then, take note of the number of software licenses you’ve purchased and whom they’re licensed to. This can be a tedious task if done manually, which is why you should turn to an automated system.

Automate the system

Most system administrators use outdated manual processes while operating from computer to computer, which slows them down. Switching to an automated system substantially reduces the time spent overseeing software assets and removes the tedious task of manual reporting. You will gain complete visibility of your licenses, usage compliance, and software allocation, allowing you to easily answer internal and vendor queries.

What’s more, you’ll be able to budget accurately for software expenses instead of assigning a ballpark amount.

Plan for vendor audits

Technology vendors now conduct audits to eliminate the illegal use of software. Businesses must regularly perform practice audits using software license management solutions and assign a response team to check whether they can pass an audit with the protocols in place. With comprehensive reports generated by an automated system, you can quickly prove that all your software assets were procured legally.

Regulate software support, contracts, and purchases

Buying software that you rarely use is a waste of business expenses. A software license management system can help you draft a more accurate budget and provide you with accurate details regarding your software usage. It doesn’t only reveal current licenses, but it will also indicate who often uses it.

Effective software management systems allow you to create an exhaustive game plan to align support, contracts, and purchases, and negotiate the price for each software product. In turn, it reduces maintenance costs and keeps you from making unnecessary purchases.

Depend on an easy-to-deploy system that promises a one-year ROI

When looking into your options, search for software license management programs that you can easily deploy. You must also find a provider that can illustrate a return on investment (ROI) in the first year. A reputable one should be able to offer inexpensive controls and compliance management by incorporating regulatory requirements, processes, and resources into a unified management framework.

By implementing the right software management solution, your IT department won’t end up risking noncompliance due to substandard resources. Proper software management can boost your business’s bottom line by saving thousands of dollars every year from licensing expenses.

But if all these sound way too technical, Managed Services might be perfect for you. Grab our eBook: 20 Signs That Your Business is Ready for Managed Services to know more about it, or talk to our customer support to get the summarized version.

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