Why Spam Costs Your Business More than You Think

Why Spam Costs Your Business More Than You Think

Why Spam Costs Your Business More Than You Think

Spam Costs Your Business: Spam accounts for a whopping 48% of all email traffic. It’s also the most common delivery channel for malicious software and phishing scams.

But despite the ubiquity of spam, many people simply dismiss it as little more than an annoyance that is, for the most part, taken care of by our ever-vigilant spam filters. If only that were true! The fact is, no matter how robust you might think your spam filters are, there’s always the odd email that does get through, and they’re the ones that can end up costing your business dearly.

Loss of Employee Productivity

One of the most obvious ways spam costs your business money is lost productivity. An enterprise-grade spam filter is an essential tool to have in any workplace, but that doesn’t mean they’re the be-all and end-all. Spam filters still need to be maintained and updated on occasion, and there will always be a risk of spam making it into inboxes or even legitimate emails being flagged as false positives. Even if it amounts to just a few minutes per day per employee, the time your employees spend checking irrelevant messages and updating spam filters can cost you many thousands of dollars over a year.

Analyzing the Cost of a Data Breach

Analyzing the cost of a data breach varies depending on the company, but it’s safe to say that a serious data breach is a major disaster. It can cost immense amounts in repairs and data recovery, lost sales due to damage to your reputation, and massive lawsuits and fines.

Resources Wasted on Spam

It’s easy to overlook the effects of spam on your bandwidth and data storage, but spammers often target companies for the sole purpose of causing disruption. For example, bombarding a server with an endless stream of emails containing huge attachments will quickly eat away at your disk space, and downloading all your emails, spam included, onto a local server can also consume a lot of bandwidth. These factors, in turn, can reduce the performance of your entire network infrastructure.

And the Total Cost Is…

The total of how much spam costs your business varies heavily depending on your specific computing environment. But chances are it will cost you a lot more than you think. To get a handle on the matter, you’ll need to adopt a mix of the right technological and administrative safeguards while also training your employees to better and more efficiently detect suspicious emails. Ongoing security awareness training, mixed with enterprise-grade cybersecurity measures like spam filters and intrusion prevention systems, will help you regain control over your business communications, enhance efficiency, and greatly reduce the risk of a successful data breach.

You can’t expect to run a modern business without email, but that doesn’t mean you should let spam and all the threats that come with it take over your life. That’s why Ark Solvers is here to help businesses in and around Miami regain control over their communications with cutting-edge spam and email protection services. Call us today to find out more.

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