Work From Home Setup: Tips to Cope With the New Normal

Work From Home Setup: Tips to Cope With the New Normal

Work From Home Setup: Tips to Cope With the New Normal

Work From Home Setup: Ever since the spread of COVID-19, changes in every aspect of our lives have been evident. Businesses are much affected by people’s new way of living, so that leaves company owners no choice but to adjust their work’s nature. Find out how ARK Solvers cope up with the drastic changes we experience!

Entering the fourth month of our new work from home setup, I can say that the team behind the ARK Solvers Cyber Security and IT Services has improved in utilizing different approaches to the “new normal” brought by COVID-19. We’re still learning and welcoming new ideas on how we can figure things out further for the betterment of the company and our people, amidst the ongoing crisis. Currently, we have a few employees who come to the office for their regular requirements. In contrast, the majority of our workforce has been transferred to work remotely to establish proper social distancing and heightened safety measures. From the latest updates we receive about the pandemic, it looks like this remote setup we’ve introduced to our network departments is up for usage extension. In fact, when our lease is up, we are seriously considering downsizing and having our office only to work on computers and for packages! Below, I’ve arranged a list of successful pointers that we’ve applied to our ARK Solvers work from home IT experts, which you can also utilize for your remote work:

A set of effective online and offline communication tools

Stable communication between members is the key to performing effective business operations outside the office. We utilize online conference applications and programs for our regular meetings like Zoom. Of course, we also maintain organized schedules with the help of collaboration tools; we relied on Monday on doing just the job for everyone’s efficiency with proper and up-to-date project distribution. To provide additional communication support, we agreed to invest in additional accessories, such as pairs of headsets and webcams to improve everyone’s work from home setup. It may be tempting to go for the low-priced selections, but you need to supply your staff with the best tools to stay ahead of the competition. The effort and investments you deliver reflect how well you can manage your team under these circumstances.

Lean on ergonomic options for the workplace

As much as everyone assumes that settling your work in the comforts of your home is a reliever, it becomes stressful as you progress with the workload every week. There are too many distractions, and you just can’t feel the productive office vibes that help you cope up with your to-do list. The solution we had is upgrading our employees’ home setup, starting with the basics: desks and improved computer setup. We get that it’s hard to work without the usual workplace environment, so we believe that supporting our people in this new situation makes a change to develop their performance further.

Practice Strict Security Measures

ARK Solvers Cyber Security and IT Services provide businesses and individual clients the protection they need against online attackers, but what happens when the company itself needs the security they offer? Before deploying our employees to work from home, we’ve foreseen possible security weak points in doing so. That’s why we oriented them on the measures they need to work on to ensure that the company’s data is safe. We emphasized that they have to practice common safety “protocols” like not letting kids use their work computers, avoiding downloading necessary files and games, and locking their units when not in use.

This year has brought us a new level of challenges to face, and it seems like what we’re currently experiencing is not coming to a halt anytime soon. Changes need to be made, and we’re lucky that we have the right tools and strong leadership and support to keep up. If you feel like you’re stuck in the gutter because of the “new normal” situations, we’re here to help you out and offer you just what you need, especially in terms of network and IT security.

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