Miami Cyber Attacks: Surge Predicted, Get Protection Now

Miami Cyber Attacks: Surge Predicted, Get Protection Now

Miami Cyber Attacks: Surge Predicted, Get Protection Now

Today, people may think that working from home is a beneficial solution to continue business as usual amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; however, what they don’t know is the risk that this new setup poses on their Cyber Security, and the company they work for. Miami Cyber Attacks, Let us discuss this with you in detail.

Why Miami Businesses Are at Risk

Everything that has happened for the past four months changed everything we do; it’s impossible to go to the office and work without worrying about contracting the Covid-19. Companies were forced to provide different approaches to cater to their offered services without putting their employees at par.

The most feasible solution that companies can think of is sending their team to work from home. Providing the office essentials for each of their employees for a home-friendly setup may be nothing to worry about; the bigger concern lies in the worker and the company’s technical and network security when the business is brought at home.

With this, ARK Solvers has a bold statement to release as a prediction over the course of six months: Cyber Attacks in Miami & Fort Lauderdale will occur twice more than what we usually encounter, and it will be much worse this time.

Remote Work = Increased Cyber Threats

Miami Cyber Attacks: To paint a simple picture for you, imagine there are two buildings-built side to side. Building A is specially constructed to provide optimum protection against catastrophes; there is an armed guard who will check your ID and belongings before you enter it, there is only once entrance/exit and there are cameras everywhere.

On the other hand, Building B has windows and glass doors everywhere, the back gate has been broken for months, and the guard dog is the friendliest dog you have ever met 🙂 Now let’s bring this to your business.

Building A is a company that has made a significant investment in protecting their internal and technical data from their computers by adding Antivirus programs and establishing a reliable firewall in each unit. Building B is the employee’s home, where data protection measures are compromised; there’s no firewall or other protection to support their network security.

Don’t Rely on Antivirus Alone

That example perfectly depicts the current situation that companies are currently dealing with their IT Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. The pandemic leaves business firms no choice but to grant their employees with access to the office’s network, emails, and every data connected to the company.

If you’re confident that your office computers are safe from cyber-attacks, have you imagined how your private data are exposed from your employees’ personal laptops to hackers just waiting for the right victim to prey?

Home computers complete the list of the most vulnerable data mediums against online attackers; this is the main reason why you need to apply a cybersecurity plan for all of your remote workers.

Do not just brush the issue off your shoulder and hope the Antivirus does the job for you. Antivirus programs are just there to provide support; even the best ones fail to stop ransomware from compromising a personal computer.

Cyber attackers know that this pandemic season is their biggest chance to hack into vulnerable computers that contain valuable company information. That is why you need to prioritize the technical protection of your employees at home, and we have good news for you!

ARK Solvers: Your Miami Cybersecurity Solution

My company, ARK Solvers, is specialized in catering to Cyber Security and IT-related queries in South Florida. Considering the current situation, we’re extending our services to your end to help you establish cyber protection like no other.

We are going to assess how your employees will react to possible traps set by hackers, like phishing emails, and scan their computer for additional personal information that shouldn’t be there at all.

By these methods, we’ll be able to inform you how you can orient your employees about cyber-attacks, and what approach or adjustments you should consider tackling the issues beforehand.

Keep in mind that cybersecurity is like an onion; you cannot maintain it with just one supporting program because it has different layers that always need the best protection. We, at ARK Solvers Cyber Security and IT Services, are willing to offer you just that.

By: CEO, Reginald Andre

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